Century Homes

tourfront1The Century Homes Club (CHC), sponsored by the Larchmont Historical Society, is always looking for ‘new’ 100-year-old house members. Notice that the home is the member. Owners come and go but the house has the age and history.

Eligibility for membership starts with age and also considers the percentage of original appearance and details still in place. To determine if a house is eligible for the CHC, the homeowner must start by filing an application. (Download the Century Homes Application here.)

stairLHS has an extensive archival collection located on the third floor of the Mamaroneck Town Center. In some cases, the date is readily available and in others, the date can lead you on a lengthy and interesting quest. We encourage the homeowner to discover the original date, but recognize that this may take time that he or she does not have. In this case, for a fee of $50, an archivist and/or an LHS board member can assist you. Several good sources to determine a house’s age include original blueprints, maps, tax records, newspapers, and directories. Once the century-old date has been determined for the home, the application process can begin.

mouldingsTo complete the CHC process we ask for $200 to cover our costs for the plaque. As a member, the house proudly displays a 10” X 7” solid bronze oval plaque and the homeowner is invited to an annual cocktail party. The bronze plaque is typically placed to the left of the front entrance, but in some cases it’s situated to the right. The plaque indicates the year, and when available, the architect and/or house name.

corniceFor example, our most recent member was once the “Manor School for Girls” and was constructed in 1906 (see image). The plaque is intended to be a permanent feature of the house that can be enjoyed by the homeowners and the passersby. Our 2008 spring house tour highlighted three new members in the Manor (12 Hazel, 75 Prospect, 4 Pryer Manor) joining over 20 other CHC members.

medallionIf you live in a home that you think is at least a century old (pre-1909) please contact the Larchmont Historical Society’s archives at 381-2239. The process is a great way to not only learn about your house but to enjoy Larchmont’s rich history.