LHS Annual Meeting

It was a perfect summer evening to gather at one of the glorious birthplaces of Larchmont, Horseshoe Harbor Yacht Club in Manor Park.

Each year, the Larchmont Historical Society’s Board of Trustees, members and interested residents are invited to attend an open meeting to review and acknowledge the accomplishments of the LHS over the last year. It is also a time where we say farewell to retiring board members and welcome new ones. The LHS is truly blessed to have the support of so many talented, accomplished and committed board members.

President Colette Rodbell kicked off the annual meeting with a “State of Society” address which gave highlights of the many programs and events over the last year. Colette also gave a moving and heartfelt farewell to retiring board members Manuel Delgado, Lauren Gottfried, Peggy Kahn, Kate Kelly, Melissa Schoen and Roberta Warren. Their “big shoes” will be hard to fill and we will miss all their energy, talents and support. Kate Kelly donated all rights and proceeds of her book “The Great Marble Match” to LHS. In special thanks, a donor’s plaque will be placed at the Larchmont Library to acknowledge Kate’s generous gift.

Each officer and committee member then provided updates of his or her individual committee’s past accomplishments and future aspirations. There was a lot to review, starting with the
fabulous house tour and moving on to our Oral History Project, Membership Initiatives, Programs, Storefront Signage, the Fire Truck Restoration, Walking Tours and the Archives. We all enjoyed lots of laughter and a positive sense of accomplishment reviewing what this group has achieved over the last year.

Known more for our conviviality than formality, we then proceeded to learn the proper protocol of nominating and confirming new and re-elected officers and board members: I believe we all now can say “all in favor-say AYE!!” The following “official” confirmations were announced, confirmed and “Ayed”: Nancy White as First Vice President, Membership, for the term 2010-2012; re-election of second term board members: Colette Rodbell, President, Patricia Roberts, Second Vice President, Programs and Jim Sweeney, Treasurer. Margi Gristina was also reelected to the board for the term 2010-2013.

Drum roll please…. the newly formed and official 2010 Nominating Committee of Laura Hoffman, Nancy White and Pier Witek then introduced the following new and returning board members: Beth Belisle, Ned Benton, Susan Emery, Jim Fleming, Monica Foster, Rick Lefever and Katherine Ann Samon. Both Susan Emery and Ned Benton had taken a year off (not really, their fingerprints are all over many undertakings of the last year). Rick Lefever, an architect specializing in historic preservation became a new “pillar” of our society by rescuing and securing an errant poster being showcased for display in empty storefronts. Beth Belisle’s skill and contributions were already apparent with her help this year with the House Tour.

We also welcomed Jim Fleming (unfortunately not present) as an architectural historian, Monica Foster, an antique rug specialist who also brings much creative talents as a film producer and writer and Katherine Ann Samon a published author, writer and trendspotter. Wow, we are again so lucky to attract the interest and devotion of such incredible talent. Lots of “all in favors” and ayes in unison ended this years 2010 Annual Board Meeting at 8:20 pm.

We all look forward to another productive and exciting year in fulfilling the Larchmont Historical Society’s Mission which is: “to discover, preserve and disseminate information concerning the natural, social and civic history of Larchmont and to promote the preservation of historical sites and structures”. Many thanks one and all for being such a fun and “can do” group!